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In the press conference, Miners coach Luis Castro briefly analyzed the team’s game against Luke, took responsibility for losing points, and conveyed a key message to the players. -Mr. Castro, what happened today? Did you underestimate Luke's strength? Why are there two different halves? -I agree with the last sentence, this is true, we are two completely different halves again. In the first game, I was a little skeptical about this game-we lacked sufficient performance on the right, left and midfield. We easily let Luke make several dangerous attacks. Our defense is not very good, and the threat attack is only one-third of the opponent. Luke's defensive retreat was deep, and we tried to attack from the flank and hit the wing. We want to make better use of short passes and provide a good pass path between the opponent's defenses. Unfortunately, we did not do this, and we did not have such a chance after the intermission. In the second half, we created multiple opportunities-unfortunately, we did not score. There is not enough space between the opponent's defense lines to pass the ball. Both of their midfielders retreat very deep, close to a third of our defense. The wingers are fast and stretch our defense too wide. Our defender can only be forced to move forward. In fact, we only have Molas between the opponent's lines of defense. Our passing route is not clear enough, the ball often misses the opponent's penalty area. It is really difficult to connect our games in this way. In the second half, we worked very hard. We can only challenge with ten people. For this I had to change the formation. The start of our journey in Uzbekistan 9 this season is really difficult. We basically expected it. Football is like life. Sometimes things don't happen as we want. We need to react correctly to the result of the game. We should not make excuses or become victims. We need to react, look forward, and treat the next game as another chance to win. Follow the path we thought before the start of the league. -How about Konoplyanka? -We haven't done any medical examination for him. I think he has a muscle injury and cannot participate in the next game. To -Two league matches were tied. . . -As a coach, I am fully responsible for losing points. Our job as a coach is to overcome the weaknesses of the team. Losing these four points is entirely my responsibility. Of course, we are not used to this. Losing 4 points in two rounds is terrible for us. We have been fighting for the championship. But the only thing we want now is to continue to believe in the work we do every day. We cannot lose our attributes the next day. We are an experienced team. We had a successful season last season, with the same players and coaches, and now we need to go back on the right path. Yes, we are now experiencing some unstable moments. But there is no doubt that we will respond to this, because we have enough quality and strength to do this. The second half of today's game is proof. This team showed that they were fighting to the last second for the championship and fighting for victory. As for the result, we cannot accept it. Such a result is really not what we want. I hope this draw will bring some discomfort to our team because we need to react to it. To -Luke played better than you expected today? -No, I expected that they would retreat very deeply, they deserve respect

在新闻发布会上,矿工教练路易斯·卡斯特罗(Luis Castro)简要分析了球队对阵卢克亚博yabovip88的比赛,负有失分的责任,并向球员传达了重要信息。 -先生。卡斯特罗,今天发生了什么?您是否低估了卢克的实力?为什么有两个不同的一半? 我同意最后一句话,这是真的,我们又是两个完全不同的两半。在第一场比赛中,我对这场比赛有些怀疑,因为我们在左右,中场都缺乏足够的表现。我们很容易让卢克发动几次危险的袭击。我们的防御能力不是很好,威胁攻击只是对手的三分之一。卢克的防守撤退很深,我们试图从侧面进攻并击中侧翼。我们希望更好地利用短传,并在对手的防守之间提供良好的传球路径。不幸的是,我们没有这样做,而且在中场休息之后我们没有这样的机会。在下半年,我们创造了多个机会-不幸的是,我们没有得分。对手的防御线之间没有足够的空间来传球。他们的两个中场都撤退很深,接近我们防守的三分之一。边锋速度很快,我们的防守范围太广。我们的捍卫者只能被迫前进。实际上,我们在对手的防御线之间只有Molas。我们的传球路线不够清晰,皮球经常错过对手的罚球区。以这种方式连接我们的游戏真的很困难。在下半年,我们非常努力。我们只能和十个人一起挑战。为此,我不得不改变队形。本赛季我们在乌兹别克斯坦9的旅程的开始真的很困难。我们基本上期望它。足球就像生活。有时事情不会如我们所愿发生。我们需要对游戏的结果做出正确的反应。我们不应找借口或成为受害者。我们需要做出反应,期待并将下亚博yabovip88一场比赛视为获胜的另一次机会。遵循我们在联赛开始之前所想的道路。 -Konoplyanka怎么样? -我们没有为他做任何身体检亚博yabovip88查。我认为他有肌肉损伤,不能参加下一场比赛。 至 -两场联赛并列。 。 。 -作为教练,我对失分负全部责任。我们作为教练的工作是克服团队的弱点。失去这四点完全是我的责任。当然,我们不习惯这一点。两轮比赛输掉4分对我们来说是可怕的。我们一直在争取冠军。但是,我们现在唯一想做的就是继续相信我们每天所做的工作。第二天我们不能失去我们的属性。我们是一支经验丰富的团队。上赛季我们有一个成功的赛季,拥有相同的球员和教练,现在我们需要回到正确的道路上。是的,我们现在正在经历一些不稳定的时刻。但是毫无疑问,我们将对此作出回应,因为我们有足够的素质和实力来做到这一点。今天比赛的下半场就是证明。这支球队表明,他们为获得冠军而奋战到最后一秒,并为胜利而战。至于结果,我们不能接受。这样的结果确实不是我们想要的。我希望这亚博yabovip88次抽签会给我们的团队带来一些不适,因为我们需要对此做出反应。 至 -卢克今天的表现好于您的预期? 不,我希望他们会深深撤退,值得他们尊重

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