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On October 12th, local time in Korea, the second warm-up match between the Korean national team and the Korean Olympic team continued at the Goyang Sports Complex. Compared to the last "empty field", this time fans are allowed to enter the game. For the athletes on the field, there is also full performance motivation. Last time the two sides shook hands 2-2 to make a draw, who will be the final winner in the second round?


Who will be the winner of the second round?


In this game, the South Korean Olympic team wore a pink home jersey as the home team. For the South Korean Olympic team coach Kim Hae-Bum, the win or loss in this game is second, and the training inspection is the first. Therefore, Jin Hefan replaced the eight generals who started the last round, leaving only Cao Guicheng, Zheng Chengyuan, and Cao Yongxu to continue their starters, and the remaining eight players are all on the starting list for the first time. The goalkeeper is Li Guangyuan, a silver medalist in the U20 World Wave last year. The four defenders from left to right are Kim Jin Yee, Kim Tae Hyun, Lee Sang Min, and Lee Yu Hyun. The back midfielders are Han Zanxi and Meng Sung Won. In this lineup, Kim Tae-hyun, Lee Sang-min, Lee Yu-hyun, and Meng Sung-xiong are players in the K2 league. Therefore, the National Olympic team’s intention to "investigate" is obvious.


South Korea's Olympic team changed face


Compared to the Korean National Olympic team’s indifferent attitude, the Korean National Team’s attitude is particularly serious. Like the Korean National Olympic team, Bento also ranked 4231. Although it has also been rotated. But compared to the practice of the Korean Olympic team, coach Bento still retains the strongest lineup in his mind in the goalkeeper position, right back position, central defender position and midfielder position. Goalkeeper Cho Hyun Woo and central defender Kwon Kyungwon partner Kim Young Bin, on the left and right sides. The defenders are Shen Sangmin and Kim Tae-hwan, and the captain Zhu Shizhong returns to the starting lineup. His partner is Sun Jun-ho in the double midfielder, and the midfielder is Lee Dong-Jong. On both sides, Jin Rencheng and Li Dongjun entered the starting lineup, and Li Tingxie, who scored the equalizer in the last round, served as the single center.


South Korean national team made fine adjustments


In this game, the South Korean national team took the absolute initiative, and their shots soon became effective. In the 4th minute, Jin In Sung used a counterattack to complete the goal, but the goal was invalid due to offside.

在这场比赛中,韩国国家队取得了绝对的主动,他们的投篮很快就变得很有效。第4分钟,仁仁成(Jin In Sung)反击完成目标,但由于越位无效,目标无效。

Jin In Sung's offside goal is invalid for the first goal


Since then, the two sides will not give way to each other, but the threatening shot did not appear again until the 24th minute. After the frontcourt intercepted, the right back of the Korean Olympic team Lee Yu-hyun vigorously blasted the goal outside the penalty area, and the ball was thrown by the fast-reacting Jo Hyun-woo To. This was also the best shot opportunity for the Korean Olympic team at halftime.


Li Yuxian was shot from long range


In the 33rd minute, the South Korean national team got a free kick on the right. The ball was thrown into the small penalty area. The goalkeeper Lee Kwang-yeon was punched out. The ball happened to land on the head of the frontcourt player and returned to the small penalty area. Kwon Kyung-won made a header. , Li Guangyuan again staged a world-class save to push the ball out of the baseline.

第33分钟,韩国国家队在右路获得任意球。球被丢进小禁区。守门员李光妍被扑出。球碰巧落在前场球员的头上,回到了小禁区。权敬元抢到头球。 ,李光远再次上演世界一流的扑救,将球推出底线。

This was also the closest opportunity for the South Korean national team to score at halftime. At halftime, the two sides shook hands 0-0.


After changing sides to fight again, Jin Hefan made three substitution adjustments in the halftime. In addition to Yan Yuan moved up Zheng Chengyuan and Wu Shixun dropped Cao Kyucheng, another substitution was also quite unexpected. The outstanding goalkeeper Li Guangyuan was replaced by three-men An Chanji. under.


This also means that in the two games, all 23 players recruited by Jin Hefan made their debut. But obviously, Ahn Chan-ki, who had nothing to do in the league, couldn't adapt to the fast pace of the game. In addition, in front of him are K2 Seoul Yilian's central defenders Lee Sangmin and Kim Tae-hyun, there is no tacit understanding in cooperation. It is this kind of substitution that the South Korean national team finally seized the opportunity to break the deadlock first. In the 54th minute, Kwon Kyung-won got the ball from the backcourt and passed a long pass to Lee Dong-joon, who was quickly inserted. Lee Dong-joon used his speed advantage to get rid of Kim Tae-hyun of the Olympic team. An Chan-ki also hesitated in attacking, just as defender Kim Tae-hyun. After rushing back to block Li Dongjun, Li Dongjun suddenly passed the ball to Li Dongjiong, who was unguarded, and the latter shot the ball into the empty goal. 0-1! The South Korean national team took the lead.

这也意味着在这两场比赛中,金和帆招募的所有23名球员都首次亮相。但是很显然,在联赛亚博yabovip88中无事可做的安灿基(Ahn Chan-ki)无法适应比赛的快节奏。另外,在他前面是K2首尔伊连的中央后卫李相民和金泰-,在合作方面没有默契。正是这种替代,韩国国家队终于抓住了机会,首先打破了僵局。第54分钟,权敬元从后场拿到球,并将长传给了李东俊,后者很快被插入。李东俊利用自己的速度优势摆脱了奥运代表队的金泰h。就像后卫金泰-一样,安昌琪也对进攻感到犹豫。在冲回封锁李东军之后,李东军突然将球传给了没有人看守的李东炯,后者将球射入空门。 0-1!韩国国家队带队。

Li Dongjiong celebrates the goal


Li Dongjun and Li Dongzhu celebrate

lido牛肝菌and lid on关注celebrate

The lagging South Korean Olympic team dispatched troops, Song Min Kuo, Jung Tae Wook and Lee Seung-mo one after another, they began to attack the national team's goal. At this time, the value of Zhao Xianyou was reflected. He blocked Wu Shixun’s inevitable header twice. In the 85th minute, he saved Jin Dayuan’s long shot with both fists to make the boys of the Olympic team. Helpless.


Jo Hyun Woo saves Oh Se Hoon's header

Jo Hyun Woo拯救了吴世勋的标头

Jo Hyun Woo slams Oh Sehun's header again

Jo Hyun Woo再次大满吴世勋的头球

Zhao Xianyou defuses Kim Dae-won's long shot


In the case of the Olympic team's delay in breaking the goal, the national team left back Li Zhouyong who came on the bench in the second half found another chance. In the 87th minute, Kwon Kyungwon kicked the ball to the frontcourt and replaced it in the second half. Li Tingxie’s Kim Ji-hyun rushed to the penalty area. At this time, An Chan-ki made a blind attack. Although he cleared the ball with his head, he accidentally fell to Li Zhouyong’s feet. The latter stopped the ball and volleyed directly to deliver the ball. Into the net.


An Chanji made an attack and was hanged by Li Zhouyong


Li Zhouyong and his teammates celebrate the goal


Lee Zhouyong has also become a player who can score in two consecutive games. The South Korean national team led by 2 goals to seal the victory. This goal conceded has nothing to do with An Chan Ki's blind attack, especially his teammates have stuck Kim Ji Hyun. In terms of position, his blind choice made the efforts of his teammates in vain. In stoppage time, Li Zhouyong broke the ball into the middle after getting the ball. In the second half, Li Yingcai, who came off the bench, entered the penalty area. Facing An Chanji's attack, he chose to shoot and the ball went into the net. 0-3!

李周勇也已经成为可以连续两场得分的球员。韩国国家队以2个进球率领球队夺冠。承认的这一进球与安灿基的盲目进攻无关,尤其是他的队友们将金智贤困在了一边。在位置上,他的盲目选择使队友的努力徒劳无功。在补时阶段,李周勇在接球后将球打入中间。下半场,替补席上的李英才进入禁区。面对安昌吉的进攻,他选择投篮,皮球入网。 0-3!

Li Yingcai lobs to kill the game


Li Yingcai celebrates the goal


The Korean National Olympic team eventually lost the game with a score of 0-3, and the total score of 2-5 also allowed the Korean national team to finally win the match. Throughout the whole game, the Olympic team's attitude of focusing on investigation rather than focusing on results ultimately determines the success or failure of the game.


Both sides share victory


Moment of celebration


After the game, whether it is a player of the national team or the Olympic team, no one will be excited or frustrated because of victory or defeat.


Go back and fight together


Both opponent and friend


After all, affected by the epidemic, both the World Preliminaries and the Olympic Games were forced to be postponed. For the players themselves, it is a great honor to be able to return to the arena and have such a rare opportunity to represent the national title. . The coach of the Olympic team, Jin Hefan, tested the 23 people selected through two games and met the expectations of the inspection; and through this warm-up match, the coach of the national team, Paul Bento, also found in addition to the European players, in the local Among the outstanding players in the league, they also inspected the three of the National Olympics Li Dongjun, Li Dongjun and Yuan Douzae, exploring the way for the next optimization and integration of resources. For both parties, there are no losers.

毕竟,在这种流行病的影响下,世界预赛和奥运会都被迫推迟。对于球员们本身来说,能够重返赛场并拥有如此难得的代表国家冠军的机会感到非常荣幸。 。奥运队教练金合帆对亚博yabovip88两场比赛选出的23个人进行了测试,达到了检查的预期。在这次热身赛中,国家队的教练保罗·本托(Paul Bento)除了欧洲球员外,还在当地的联赛杰出球员中考察了三届国家奥林匹克运动会的李东俊,李东军和袁斗za,探索下一次资源优化和整合的方法。对于双方来说,没有失败者。

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