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After the suspension of all five major European leagues, UEFA finally announced today the news of the postponement of the European Cup. Although Depay, Rashford, Kane and other players affected by injuries are likely to have the opportunity to participate in this European Cup again, but at the same time, many veterans face the multiple tests of age, status, injury, and retirement. For veterans, the end of their careers are counting the days with their fingers. So, can they still wait for this year?


The NBA has a saying: 33 years old is a watershed for players. The accumulation of injuries, the weakening of physical endurance, and the decline of physical fitness, a combination of various factors have caused many players to experience a cliff-like decline in their state at the age of 33. Competitive sports have similarities. For a football star born in 1988, the biggest embarrassment is that you can't predict whether your state will still be vigorous or plummet next year.


This season Lewandowski has handed over a huge score of 39 goals and 5 assists. His growth next year is likely to become the team's life and death line. Survival or destruction? In the absence of alternatives, Lewand’s age risk is a huge test for both Poland and Bayern.


In this regard, Barcelona and the two national teams are also in pain. At the age of 32, Rakitic’s abilities declined significantly, and Busquets began to need more rest time. However, the two successors in Spain and Croatia can't completely replace their roles. If they need to be recruited next year, I wonder if the two national teams will suffer from backache...

在这方面,巴萨和两个国家队也都感到痛苦。 Rakitic在32岁那年的能力明显下降,Busquets开始需要更多的休息时间。但是,西班牙和克罗地亚的两个继任者无法完亚博yabovip88全取代他们的角色。如果他们明年需要招募,我想知道这两个国家队是否会遭受腰痛...

There are many stars who announced their withdrawal from the national team at the age of 33 and 34: Zidane, Sneijder, Ballack, Koscielny, Eto'o, Figo, Deco, Xavi Alonso... At this age, there are only two kinds of players left: one is the non-human who successfully survived the 33-year-old catastrophe, and the other is the national team's unreliable handle.


Israel’s Zahavi, Slovakia’s Hamsik-although it is dusk, although they have gone to the Super League, the two still need to carry their team forward with the last trace of blood. At least, to carry the team through the play-offs, regardless of whether they have a future next year.


At this point, Bonucci was even more helpless. The signboard of the Italian steel defense line has been hung for decades, but now it still has to rely on the old generation of Iron Triangle to continue to support it. After another year of training, can Bastoni, who was born in 1999, take over the gun of his predecessors? Can Romagnoli, Izzo and Gianluca of the Mesozoic era carry the lead?

在这一点上,博努奇更加无奈。意大利钢防线的招牌已经悬挂了几十年,但是现在它仍然必须依靠老一代的Iron Triangle来继续支持它。经过一年的培训,1999年出生的巴斯顿尼能否接管其前任的枪支?中生代的罗马涅利,伊佐和詹卢卡能带头吗?

Mancini sighed: Please bless the 33-year-old Archerby next year, and, help me call 37-year-old Chiellini?


In this world, there are many age nodes that make people very sensitive. For example, after the age of 20, you are not a child, after the age of 30, you will be left with men and women. If you want a second child after 40, you have to weigh up. As long as you stay in the previous age range for one day, the next world will not worry about it. Will be imposed on you.


On the football field, age nodes are equally sensitive. Although your scoring rate is still very high, although your form is still good, but when the little fresh meat 15 years younger than you can already put on the table... "It is a pity that the national team does not want to recruit 35 years old or more. The midfielder."


In the 2014 World Cup, there were 13 players over the age of 35, 9 of which were goalkeepers and defenders. There are only four midfielders over the age of 35 who have come to Brazil: Pirlo from Italy, Cahill from Australia, Fran from Uruguay, Olic from Croatia-an old monster, three inseparable.

在2014年世界杯足球赛中,有13名年龄在35岁以上的球员,其中9名是守门员和后卫。 35岁以上的中场球员只有四名:来自意大利的皮尔洛(Pirlo),来自澳大利亚的卡希尔(Cahill),来自乌拉圭的弗兰(Fran),来自克罗地亚的奥利奇(Olic),这是一个古老的怪物,三位不可分割。

Therefore, being born in a football power is sometimes a kind of helplessness.


The 35-year-old Babel certainly has no chance. Bellwyn, Promes and Stens are all sprinters; the 35-year-old Giroud probably has no chance because of Mbappe and Griezmann. , Lacazette, Martial, Ben Yeder and a lot of Dembele have lined up from the Eiffel Tower to the door of Deschamps’ house; 35-year-old Nani has no chance, because Bernard Schie Alva, Felix, Jota, Martins, and Bruma have washed away the marks of him and Quaresma...

现年35岁的Babel当然没有机会。 Bellwyn,Promes和Stens都是短跑选手; 35岁的吉鲁(Giroud)可能没有机会,因为有姆巴佩(Mbappe)和格里兹曼(Griezmann)。 ,拉卡泽特(Lacazette),武术(Martial),本·耶德(Ben Yeder)和许多登贝勒(Dembele)从埃菲尔铁塔排到了德尚家门口; 35岁的纳尼(Nani)没有机会,因为伯纳德·席伊·阿尔瓦(Bernard Schie Alva),菲利克斯(Felix),若塔(Jota),马丁斯(Martins)和布鲁玛(Bruma)洗掉了他和夸雷斯玛的印记。

In contrast, defenders and goalkeepers are much lucky. Ramos is still indispensable in the Spanish team, Llorente needs a big brother to take, and the heights of Baltra, Martinez, and Nacho may not necessarily hold the Vikings together. Kompany will also have a chance, because Vertonghen and Aldwyrel are not much younger than his age.

相比之下,后卫和守门员则很幸运。拉莫斯在西班牙队中仍然是不可或缺的,洛伦特需要一个大兄弟来承担,而鲍特拉,马丁内斯和纳乔的巅峰不一定将维京人团结在一起。 Kompany也将有机会,因为Vertonghen和Aldwyrel的年龄还不到他的年龄。

German "Sport Bild" Football Editor-in-chief Atschäfer once revealed that Neuer wants to withdraw from the German national team after the 2020 European Cup. After the postponement of the Cup, the performance of the Cubs may not be able to give Neuer another year.


Football is like that. The new generation will replace the old, and your aging every day will be recorded in a small book by later generations.


"It's a pity that the national team doesn't want to recruit 35 or older midfielders."


Unless, your name is Ronaldo.


Maybe you are skeptical about whether every name that appears in this article can appear in the European Cup, but when Ronaldo’s name is in front of you, you will firmly believe that unless there is a major injury, he will definitely appear in Portugal's big list next year.


Generally speaking, there are two kinds of evergreen trees on the green field: one is Mateus, the older the position is, the lower the position to reduce running; the second is the goalkeeper, Buffon is on top, forever. And Ronaldo's way of continuing his career is to consciously transform his own quality.


——The whole body gains muscle, strengthens the strength, improves the ball and off-ball confrontation, simplifies the shooting steps, expands the shooting range, increases the suddenness of the shot, ensures the physical fitness for multiple sprints, while maintaining the stability of the ball technique and the ball speed , To improve his heading ability... In order to get the long-term favor of the god of football, he can only continue to sculpt himself unrestrainedly within the professional scope, and use unremitting efforts to drain every point of his talent.


We have to admit that he has achieved the ultimate within his abilities. At the same time, we also have to worry: How long can this anti-science that violates the laws of nature last?


Next year, he will be 36 years old.


There are many legends about the immortality of veterans in the football world, but most of them are actually using self-discipline practice to slow down the speed of aging, and then experience consciousness cultivation to supplement the loss of athletic ability. Pepe in 1983, Cazorla in 1984, and even Modric in 1985, it is not the physical fitness that supports them to continue their careers, but the instincts they have honed on the green field for 20 years.


Time is a combination of gods and ghosts. One year is enough to make Harland go from obscurity to the world, and it is enough to make an veteran from the main force become an absolute marginal person. The "European Cup postponed by one year to finish the league" that fans are looking forward to means that many players have lost the opportunity to stand on the European Cup forever, even if they bit their teeth for a year and practiced for this final battle. In the year of my body, every day I think about how to distribute my physical strength reasonably...


"People don't rely on their muscles and bones for energy."


This sentence is too cruel to put in competitive sports.


If we can make a wish for the football world next year: I hope those guys who have been with us for most of our youth can continue the dream of the European Cup again.


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